KOVOZOO Staré Město is an unique metal zoo, which was established on April 21, 2012 and is located in an interesting and anusual place of ​​the former sugar factory.

The main mission of KOVOZOO is to show small and big visitors that from seemingly useless waste it can be created things that are not only beautiful and interesting, but still useful. We want to combine fun with enviromental education and experiences for all people.


The area in which KOVOZOO is located today was originally used for a completely different purpose. In 1867, brothers Abraham and Herman May founded a sugar factory here, which operated for 130 years. In 1998, a new era of the area began to be written, as the first branch office of the company KOVOSTEEL Recycling, Ltd. was established here and it was focused on purchase and processing of scrap metal. With the development of the company, the number of employees and services provided by KOVOSTEEL increased . And the area, which was originally in a state of disrepair, has undergone restoration, prosperity and a completely different purpose of use. The Recycling Ecological Center (REC Group ) was established – a place where people can leave almost all kind of waste and at the same time where they can take a rest, think and soak up the atmosphere from a slightly “different” company. 

REC Group is a holding company consistes of companies that deal with the processing of various types of waste (metal and dangerous waste , tires , plastics , wood , paper , glass , electrical appliances , etc.) and also a unusual place offering entertainment , inspiration and environmetal education – KOVOZOO.



Our scrap metal animals are created by do-it-yourselfers, creative blacksmiths, our employees and company leaders of REC Group holding. A special place where the “birth”, healing and regeneration of metal animals takes place is the KOVOZOO Maternity Hospital. Here, the creators of metal animals (we call them midwives 😊) meet and indulge in creative designing and welding, where the result is always something special – whether a new animal for KOVOZOO, or rare moments spent together with great people whose hearts are burning for the same thing and hands are not afraid to take up work, whether it is a director or a worker.