KOVOZOO is inhabited by life-size animals made of scrap metal. You can look into the eyes of the 2-ton rhino Norbert, look up at the 5-meter giraffe Safira and her cub Melmen, there is also a lion district or a herd of elephants, crocodiles, walruses, camels, monkeys, horses, whale, backyard animals and many, many others. In total, there are already more then 400 animals of different kinds, sizes and weights in KOVOZOO. 





The new dominant of KOVOZOO was created gradually from May 30, 2019, when we “planted a seed”, and was finished on December 11, 2020. Metal willow has grown to respectable proportions, its weight is almost 4 tons, tree height is 7 meters, crown diameter 7.5 meters. An incredible 1300 meters of old metal chains were used on the branches. The Tree of life is also a “Tree of desires.” All KOVOZOO visitors can hang locks as leaves on a tree, leaving a piece of theirself… firmly tie with the Tree.
Our metal willow is a symbol of love, development and the birth of a new life, and as the leaves will grow on it, it will come to life and bloom j .just like KOVOZOO. Our tree is the embodiment of infinite human imagination.






The ŠROTÍK lighthouse lookout tower can be seen from long distance from Staré Město and navigates visitors to KOVOZOO.

It is one of our main symbols……ŠROTÍK is a terrestrial lighthouse and helps everyone to find a way in „the sea of waste“.

„With us you can´t get lost in the sea of waste!




Guided by the ŠROTÍK lighthouse, a ship with the name The HOPE is quietly swaying in imaginary waves. So get up on the board!



An L-610 commuter aircraft “landed” at KOVOZOO…. The first prototype of aircraft, which was developed more than twenty years ago by the worldwide well know aircraft production company LET Kunovice . It is the biggiest commuter aircraft that was designed in the Czechoslovak Republic and also the first with a pressurized cabin and integral fuel tanks. It made its first flight in 1988 and never entered serial production. The aircraft is accessible to visitors also inside.



KOVOZOO also has its own Maternity Hospital – a space for the birth, treatment and regeneration of metal animals. The Maternity Hospital is a place where the creators of metal animals (we call them midwives) meet and together they indulge in creative designing and cooking (welding :-)), where the result is always something special… whether a new animal for KOVOZOO, or moments spent together with great people, whose hearts are burning for the same thing and their hands are not afraid to take up work  whether it is director or worker.



Footbridges will take you through the world of iron waste proccesing. At present, 220 m of footbridges are in full operation, leading from KOVOZOO through the roof of the Maternity hospital and the  Congress Center  to the roof of KOVOSTEEL Recycling maintenance building .



The heroes from the TRANSFORMERS film series will delight all sci-fi lovers. You can talk with the darling Bumblebee and the samurai Haiku – Drift





STEELINKA is our road train that will take you on journey info the real life od companies focused on waste recyclation. During the summer holidays STEELINKA runs according to the timetable.



The Veterans Museum is original indoor exhibition of historical cars and motorcycles. We have prepared it in cooperation with the Slovácký Veteran Car Club Uherské Hradiště. We try to show the veterans world as it is, in all its diversity, differences in types, ages and models of cars from 20s until 70s of  the 20th century.



Tireland is a world of tire pyramids, where every child is guaranteed to have fun. Tire-maze is built of tires. Test your sence of direction 😉




The Museum is a permanent exhibition in the KOVOZOO area. You will find it on the 1st floor above the FORGE. Here you will learn about the development of blacksmithing over time, as it was a necessary part of everyday village life in the past. You will see examples of contemporary industrial blacksmithing and modern artistic blacksmithing. The Blacksmith craft museum is open daily during KOVOZOO opening hours, the entrance fee is included in the normal daily entrance fee.